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I am Ian Baum, the CTO and Lead Developer at Tall Ship Studio.

Ian Baum's Bio:

Ian Baum has been in the IT and CS areas for over 20 years , Professionally for about 12 years. Ian started programming in Java at age 12, and hasn't looked back since. Ian is Currently a Software and Game Engineer Using C# ad C++. By last count Ian Baum knows 19 Computer languages.   Ian has a Bachelors of science in Video game Art and Design from the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. (September 2016)   Ian works Full Time as a Software Engineer; and is Building a Startup, Tall Ship Studio LLC, which is more than a full time Job   my Random Ramblings can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or Writing updates can be found on my Author page.

Ian Baum's Experience:

  • Founding Author at Borson Publishing

    Founder, and Lead Author.

  • Owner / Operator at Iguana Ink North, LLC.

  • Chief Technology Officer, Lead Developer at Tall Ship Studio LLC

    My tasks Include Co-Oversight for production as well as UI and UX of our Current Mobile Game, Divine Reign. I also Oversee the Development team as Lead Developer.

  • Software Engineer at DHI Computing Service, Inc. (DHI-Provo)

Ian Baum's Education:

  • Art Institute of Salt Lake City

    Bachelor's of Science
    Concentration: Video Game Art and Design
    Activities: Understanding the fundamentals of designing and building games. Designing, Building, and Prototyping games in singular and in team settings.

Ian Baum's Interests & Activities:

Writing novels, Crafting Code, playing and making Video Games, GM-ing Table-Top Role-playing Games, and using Vocaloids.

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